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By Helene Design on Mar 10, 2023


We are committed to women and their whole being

    • We constantly accompany women. We give women tools for a life in balance in all their bodies and we constantly remind him to play the breast Self Exam, through our channels, media and above all through experiences that we build with equally committed allies.

    • Through our brand campaigns, we deliver to our audience messages of empowerment, self-love, messages in which we highlight its unique and original essence. Campaigns such as What is a woman made of?, Unique as your, Irresistible, Limited edition, Believe in yourself, What is a mother made of?, What moves you?

    • We believe in the co-creation process. We create garments hand in hand with women, by listening to their ideas and needs. We call this process: Hand in hand Creating together your ideal garment. We have done it to create collections of clothes interior and exterior, Shapewear and etc.
    • We seek that our consumers feel identified through the diversity of women what we share in our pictures.


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