Helene Design’s Corporate Social Responsibility

By Helene Design on Mar 10, 2023

We are committed to caring for water
    • We have a treatment plant in which We treat 100% of the water we use in our processes. This we reuse 20%. The rest is discharged into the sewage system, complying with the high discharge standards of the environmental regulations.
    • Our goal for the next few years is to reuse 60% of the treated water.
    • Our dyeing machines are state-of-the-art and of different capacities, which allows us to optimize the use of the water, they also have checks and strict routine maintenance, which means that they always be in optimal conditions.
We are committed to the care of energy
    • We have a set of solar panels capable of generating 700,000 KW of electrical energy per year only with light solar, thus we stop emitting 250 tons of CO2 per year, which to clean them would need 920 mature trees. Of the Of the total energy we use, 6% is from renewable energy. Our goal for the coming years is for it to be fifteen%.
    • We make efficient use of electrical energy, with a plan for efficient and rational use so that it is used in a way optimal. We have managed to reduce energy consumption by 10%. The commitment is to stay in this digit.
We are committed to caring for the air
    • We control the atmospheric emissions that we generate with our operation to guarantee that they are 100% free of particulate matter. To achieve this, we use clean fuels, maintain our machinery in optimal conditions and we have state-of-the-art technology to retain the compounds volatile organics our emissions.
We are committed to the use of more environmentally friendly materials
    • We develop 100% compostable corn-based bags, stopping consuming 50 tons of plastic bags year.
    • We went from using single-use plastic hooks to reusable hooks, stopping consuming 11 tons of plastic to the year.
    • Now we protect our garments with a smaller blister pack, saving 5.5 tons of plastic per year.
    • Total, there are 66.5 tons of plastic that we are stopping consuming per year and our goal in years to come, it is add another 38 tons by stopping consuming the bags we use for outerwear.
    • Some of our labels are made of a material that can be sown and when watering it, one is born new plant.
We are committed to the reuse and conservation of materials
    • We use fabric waste to create new products.
    • We reuse or sell all of our fabric waste, so nothing goes to waste.
    • We send remains of fabrics to companies that separate the threads of the fabrics to return to have raw material and what Finally, it remains as waste, we send it to a company that converts fabrics into briquettes for cement ovens. the which have high atmospheric emission standards.
    • Our same workers from the production plants managed to change single-use containers for some reusable as drawers and production organizers made from leftover fabrics and waste.
    • Our distribution center is state-of-the-art, moves around 25 million garments a year, for the transport and storage of our garments we do not use cardboard boxes but long-lasting plastic crates.
    • We are continually looking for the best way to reduce our fabric waste. We are constantly looking for ways new ways to optimize the use of raw materials to the end.


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