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By Helene Design on Mar 10, 2023

Vertical integration: Processes from start to finish
    • Our vertical integration from the manufacture of the fabric to the making of our garments (Clothes interior, Shapewear Activewear, Swimwear) guarantees us the best quality of the products. This integration (preparation, weaving, finishing, bonding, cutting, manufacturing, distribution center) allows us to control our process from start to finish.
    • We invest in cutting-edge technology, in better warping machines, dyeing machines, cutters, looms, inputs of very good quality.
    • We have a textile quality laboratory. 
    • Always seeking to maintain the highest level of quality in our products, we have a laboratory of textile quality in which all kinds of standardized national and international textile tests are carried out. internationally, which allow us to guarantee that the garments purchased by our customers have high standards not only of design but also of quality and functionality.
    • The textile laboratory is responsible for ensuring the compliance with quality requirements defined not only for our raw materials, but for the finished products.
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